Crime Mapping

How do we choose the most appropriate type for mapping crime and crime-related phenomena? For example, if we want to see the precise locations of burglaries for the last month, then we use a point map of addresses of incidents. Because of the infinite potential combinations of crime-related conditions that can be depicted on maps, we can combine map types to put more information on the same map.

Applications of GIS in crime analysis (generally just called “crime mapping”) are numerous

  • To identify crime patterns, crime problems, and hot spots
  • To provide a visual aid to analysis of patterns, problems, and hot spots
  • To show the relationship between crime and other spatial factors
  • To look at the direction of movement in crime patterns
  • To query data by location (e.g., buffers)
  • To create and modify patrol districts
  • To track changes in crime

Perhaps the best way to get a feel for the kinds of maps used to display crime data is to look at examples and to think about why each type of map was selected. Towards that end, we have presented several types of crime maps for you to review, and select the one that would best suit your specific needs, we’ve provided examples with real data, and suggested applications for each specific type.

Types of Crime Maps

Pin Mapping

Create color-coded pin maps by incident date, location, offense type, or other attributes used within your database.

Incident Mapping

Create color-coded maps using incident count information to represent attributes such as incident date, time, location, and offense type.

Hot Spot Mapping

Automatically extract crime hot spots from incident maps to determine where police patrols should be directed.

Change Over Time

More accurately assess the effect of crime reduction efforts and recognize areas of increasing criminal activity by visualizing change over time in map form.

Temporal Reporting

Stay up to date on the latest local crime trends and patterns using incident/time-of-day histograms.

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