Attorneys that specialize in Crime victims as well as attorneys focusing on commercial real estate law benefit from our visual and criminal reports in order to aid their cases. Normally, criminals follow a spatial pattern, making GIS a perfect tool to find the relationships between criminal occurrences and the case at hand. We provide customers with a new perspective so that the investigations and decision-making processes become more apparent.

Firms that can benefit from our services include

  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Crime Victims Lawyers

Crime Analysis serves to address the 5 w’s – Who, What, Where, When, Why of crime with GIS providing the spatial and temporal component.  Crime Analysis can see if there is a correlation between a specific event or crime with other incidents in an area and answer questions such as could this specific incident been predicted.  The analysis gives you a level of confidence to support or refute anecdotal evidence.

Maps are compelling visualization tools when it comes to presenting spatial information to an audience.  They can be understood better than the same location information presented in table form or as a correlation matrix. Types of maps and reports that are useful include, Hot Spot Mapping either with all data or broken out by separate crime types to focus on crime areas, Change-Over-Time maps show an increase or decrease in crime over a specific area.  

GIS helps the real estate industry to analyze, report, map, and model the merits of one site or location over another. Crime Mapping is only one aspect where GIS proves to be an important tool for real estate attorneys. They can use Incident Count Maps, for example, to see if zoning is related to crime in a specific area, rather than relying on national statistics.

Do you need Crime Analysis capabilities that are a step above the free web services?

GeoGRAFX provides analysis customized to meet our client's needs, whether it is weekly crime reporting for a shopping center, analysis and presentation materials for a court case, or providing support for security firms that need outside reporting that show that their services are effective.