Crime Analysis

An additional set of analytical services can be provided in order to have a deeper understanding of criminal pattern within an area.

Aside from Hot-Spot mapping, which lets us visualize which areas have significantly high and/or low crime, other methods can be implemented to study the data. These methods focus primarily on spatial autocorrelation. Since crime, like everything else, is not an independent issue, it is important to see if there are other factors that are affecting or are related to a type of crime in a specific region.

Some examples of this can be as simple as shoplifting being related to stores or that a series of homicides are related to the proximity of a type of factory or river. It is also possible to see if social and/or economic factors are correlated with a type of crime. The more questions we ask, the more answers we will find so as to understand the crime patterns in an area.

Other types of methods that can be used for crime analyses include finding the mean center of crimes in a region, therefore being able to visualize how the center for a type crime has been shifting over time. Additionally, we can provide a prediction of where future crime can occur and determine, with other methods, where future security cameras/stations could be located.

In combination with the other services we offer, we will not only be portraying a visual representation of the distribution of the data, but we will also be able to help you understand why a certain type of crime is happening in a given area and be able to help you predict where future crimes could be taking place, therefore, being able to prevent them.


We will not only provide security companies with a visual representation of where crimes are taking place, but we can also aid in determining the source of the crime; consequently, addressing the crime from its roots. Additionally, we can help to predict where future criminal activity can occur so that security cameras and/or stations are installed.


Law enforcement and criminal justice go hand-in-hand with GIS. Criminal offenses are normally correlated with several other factors and spatial analysis can contribute to solving criminal cases by looking at crime patterns and predicting future offenses.

Home Owners Associations

Most homeowners are interested in knowing their neighborhood is safe. We take neighborhood watch one step further. By collecting data provided to us from the neighborhood, we can help you monitor crime in a given area and subsequently provide you with information of what areas should be closely monitored and where security cameras could be installed.

Do you need Crime Analysis capabilities that are a step above the free web services?

GeoGRAFX provides analysis customized to meet our client's needs, whether it is weekly crime reporting for a shopping center, analysis and presentation materials for a court case, or providing support for security firms that need outside reporting that show that their services are effective.